NWP Co conducts ongoing operations in 3 locations. The buildings include one built in 1962 that has approximately 75,000 square feet of manufacturing and storage space and 1,800 square feet of office space; the second building completed in 1981 has approximately 72,500 square feet of processing and storage area.  These two buildings are situated on two adjacent parcels of land totaling 38.55 acres in Peachtree City, Georgia.  The third building is storage space for seasonal operations in Kennett, Missouri.

In addition to the properties used for current operations, NWP Co owns land and buildings in Lula, Mississippi.  The facilities were used by a former affiliate in producing cellulose fire retardant insulation.  The division called the Lula Cotton Processing Co., Inc. was discontinued in 1981.  Some of the machinery used in the Lula operations was dismantled and shipped to Peachtree City for use as spare parts.  The buildings at this location were demolished in April 2010.  The remaining Lula property consists of approximately 15 acres of land.  This property is currently being offered for sale.

Other NWP Co fixed assets include the machinery and equipment used in processing the by-products, furniture and fixtures for the offices and the three buildings, and trucking equipment for collection of raw materials and delivery of products.

The processing facilities are divided into several departments; Blending, Clean Fibers, Carding, Machined Fibers, Shredding, Machined Fibers-Del Orco, Machined Fibers–Laroche, Pickery, Pound Goods, Shipping and Receiving, Maintenance, and General Manufacturing.