Norman W. Paschall Company, Inc. (“NWP” or the “Company”) is a privately held corporation established in 1946.  The Company is a processor of by-products from textile spinning mills, cotton gins, and apparel and carpet manufacturers.  The Company, operating out of Peachtree City (Georgia) and Kennett (Missouri), purchases predominately cotton and synthetic by-products and converts them for uses in a variety of industries.  The Company also acts as a broker, purchasing and merchandising by-products that do not require processing.  NWP obtains by-products from textile manufacturers and other locations primarily in the Southeast.  The finished products are then sold throughout the United States and in some international markets for various end uses including spinning, batting, stuffing, padding, medical products, and paper products.

One of the strengths of the Norman W. Paschall Company, Inc. is strong marketing and resourcefulness, as well as adapting to changes and opportunities in the market place.  A new product under development is a market for ground carpet scraps from an abundant economical supply of raw materials.  Another new product under development is polyester/viscose non-woven scrap material to process into fiber for spinning.

Management’s abilities and relationships are a key determinant of success in the textile industry.  As mentioned previously, the managers of a firm must be adept at locating new market niches.  They must be able to understand new technology for an industry that is increasingly capital intensive.  Strong personal relationships must be maintained with both customers and suppliers.

The managers of NWP Co. possess many of the attributes necessary for survival in the industry.  The Company has adjusted to changing market conditions.  NWP is involved in new areas of product application and looking for still others.  The Company has emphasized technology, allocating substantial resources for new equipment.  Also, NWP Co. retains a knowledgeable, multi-function sales force responsible for the valuation and purchase of inventories as well as negotiating customer sales.

NWP Co. top management has a total of over 200 years of experience in the textile waste processing industry. 


Pricing of the Company’s products is a function of both current cotton prices and the amount of value added in processing.  Given the commodity nature of the output, the industry participants are very price competitive.  Premium prices may be paid in some cases to companies offering a greater degree of service.  NWP is considered such a service-oriented firm.  Emphasis on service and quality is one of the few means of differentiating industry participants.

Over the last several years, the traditional markets have declined.  The batting market, which once constituted the largest demand for textile by-products, has been significantly reduced as less expensive synthetic foam has become available.  In its place, other areas of product application have grown.


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